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fg Parenting Coordination

"An alternative to running back to court".

A (PC) is a child-centered professional who helps conflicted co-parents make decisions in their children's best interests. A PC usually functions with the court's authority for a specific period (a renewable two year agreement is common). The PC is available on an as-needed basis to investigate a specific conflicted question, to meet with each parent (with or without their partners), the child(ren) and/or with the co-parents in order to help develop an outcome. In those instances in which the parents cannot reach an agreement, the PC is empowered by the court to make a decision for the co-parents.

My clients use a communication site called Family Wizard for ALL Communication outside the office with each other and myself in order to work on communication skills, provide accountability (avoids he said/she said circumstances) and become child-centered co-parents.

Parenting Coordinators are typically useful when co-parents who share legal decision-making authority cannot resolve an upcoming life decision for the child(ren). Examples include:

  • Parenting time, transition and contact issues
  • School placement
  • Special education enrollment
  • Summer activities, camps and travel
  • Relocation issues
  • Counseling
  • Medical issues/Doctor's appointiments

Qualifications & Responsibilities of the Parenting Coordinator 
Qualifications include training and experience in the following different disciplines: 1) family systems theory, 2) adult psychotherapy, 3) developmental psychology, 4) divorce recovery, 5) children's adjustment issues specific to divorce, 6) conflict resolution, 7) mediation techniques, 8) communication theory, 9) legal aspects of divorce, and 10) domestic violence 11) co-parenting techniques 12) Registered Mediator in Indiana 13) Parenting Coordination training
The role of the parent coordinator is to assist both parents and any significant others resolve conflict in a manner that is beneficial to their child(ren). The parenting coordinator has full discretion regarding program implementation including but not limited to:

  1. Modification of time sharing plans . (It is understood that the parent coordinator cannot change overall time sharing or the legal custody status of the children).
  2. Recommend Counseling and provide names of therapists for any parties involved in the evaluation process. (PC will request insurance provider lists and identify therapists who have skills in the area of referral need and who are willing to work cooperatively with the PC/and Court System).
  3. Request Psychological Evaluations. (PC will request insurance provider lists and identify evaluators who have skills in the area of referral need and who are willing to work cooperatively with the PC/and Court System.
  4. Recommend Temporary Supervised Visitation and provide referral sources.

Parenting Coordination Fees

 A $1000  retainer is required by each party. This will cover PC Memos to attorneys, collaboration with other sources (GAL, Schools, Attorneys, etc), email/phone call contacts with each client and the first year of Family Wizard. Clients will be responsibloe for renewing the Family Wizard site after this. Clients will be notified when their retainers are close to depletion and will have 1 week to provide an updated $500 retainer (per parent). The retainer does not cover in office sessions.***Retainers must be maintained or services will be placed on hold.
Individual session fees are $175 hour 
and joint session fees are $250 (1.5 hour reserved). These are due at the time of service and are not part of the retainer. The fee is divided 50/50 unless a court order identifies a different percentage to be split. Insurance companies will not pay for this service. 

Parents may choose to meet in person or virtually.

 A court order which identifies how contacts with the child(ren) are to be paid is requested, otherwise the fee is divided 50/50. The party not bringing the child to the appointment will need to have a credit card on file or pay for services in advance.

Court Fees/Subpoenas

When possible, please request a subpoena from your legal representative be sent to me for either a morning (8am-12pm) or afternoon (1pm to 5pm) to reduce waiting costs. I have to plan the scheduling of other clients around my court time. There are additional travel costs for court hearings outside of Vanderburgh or Warrick County. The party who is responsible for requesting that I be subpoenaed is responsible for the court costs unless otherwise identified in a current court order. 
$750 retainer: For 1/2 day Vanderburgh or Warrick County Court hearing.
$1500 retainer: For a full day hearing in Vanderburgh or Warrick County.

** Court retainers are non-refundable if the court appearance is cancelled without 48 hours notice. This time has been reserved.